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Pet Fit & Rehab

Personalized service of fitness and canine rehabilitation, namely:



The physiotherapy having your in the vapor treatment and in the prevention of the loss of the loss, the discomfort and consequently the loss of mobility. It acts in the identification, prevention, recovery, habilitation and rehabilitation of deficiencies caused by physical, functional, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, among others, with the objective of developing maximum functionality and quality of life, Planning and use of techniques, exercises, and specific therapies in the movement, manipulative therapies and physical and natural means, published from the analysis and evaluation of movement and posture of the companion animal.

The evaluation and treatments are performed by a physiotherapist, considering a factor, such as age, race, physical activity and etiology of the injury (orthopedic, neurological or chronic disease).

Together with the model owner, we will devise a treatment plan to help you realize the problem by leaning on it, setting it real, and teaching you how to rehabilitate your neighbor to achieve his or her ideal function. We have a convention with the Veterinary Hospital + ANI + for a way to offer a wide range of physical means and services to provide a service of excellence.



Treatment performed in indoor pool, allowing muscle relaxation, reducing spasm and pain, increasing range of motion. The exercises in the aquatic environment, due to their advantages of stability, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure, contribute more efficiently, without resistance work, muscular strength and speed of the animal. Hydrostatic pressure reduces symptoms already present in the limbs of the body during exercise. The force of the water must be increased muscularly, the impulse of the same facilitates the increase of the joint amplitude during the exercise. The fluctuation of water helps in the work of coordination, balance and muscle weakness.

When this occurs, the highest intensity compared to a terrestrial medium is a factor that increases heart rate and oxygen consumption, such as physical fitness.

Hydrotherapy is indicated without treatment of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, in arthritis, orthopedic post-operative, neurological conditions, muscular and aerobic conditioning, weight control and for fun diversion.


Physical Conditioning

Athletic preparation to improve fitness and cardiovascular system, muscle maintenance or strengthening, as well as for greater range of motion. Indicated for preparation for exposures / tests and recovery after exercise, or just for fitness. For this, your pet can have movements in the most varied conditions, such as, in swimming pool, the treadmill, the free access of a nature in suitable floor...

We have a convention with the Veterinary Hospital + Antivirus + Antivirus through a file of virtual and functional means to provide an excellent service. The service may include picking and delivery of the pet at home. We offer special plans adapted to the needs of our customers. Contact us!​

Pet Fit & Rehab

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