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Dog Trainer

Canine trainer personalized service by the positive reinforcement method. Below we present our training programs and their functionalities, in which NATURE ECHOES has as a primary objective to meet all the needs of dogs and their families, providing a greater complicity and balanced relationship in all its aspects.

Initial assessment

It is an essential and obligatory evaluation so that it is possible to define in concrete the way forward, in order to be able to evaluate the domestic and social context of the family and their dog (or dogs). In this scope we draw the profile of your dog and possible behavioral problems of the same and / or the family itself, providing all the necessary guidelines for a positive evolution of all members of the family.


The training places will be based on the specificity of each case, which can be carried out at home (family environment), abroad (public environment) or at the BOMCÃOPORTAMENTO canine training school. The service may include picking and delivery of the pet at home. We offer specific plans tailored to the needs of our customers. Contact us!


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We are available for any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to talk to us.